1. Nikos where are you from?
    I was born in a small town called Egio. The last 20 years I live in Athens.
  2. When or why did you choose to become a dj?
    Late 80s, I was working as a teacher in Yamaha music school but my need to express myself was not completed. Having already a pretty big record collection, instead of spending my free time djing at home, I thought of giving it a try professionally. It was the time that house scene was born and I became a fan from the very first tune.
  3. You do top re-mixes, but you also produce new stuff: where do you express more yourself?
    Both ways. In my remixes, I use the basic idea from the original but I work on it under a different prospect and at the end it is like I compose a new track.
  4. You have released for us a new single Marimba & Drums & a great Remix of « Rescue me » by Tee Jay Walton that will be released soon : we think this is one of the best remix we have ever heard : what has inspired you?
    Thank you! Both tracks give a sense of summer and summer in Greece is an inspiration itself!
  5. Where are you playing more ?
    I am playing mainly all over Greece. My gigs abroad are not so many yet but I make my moves for a stronger presence soon.
  6. This year has been probably the worst in the Greek economy : but despite it we know it was a great year for you, how did you do it ?
    My country is facing a very difficult financial crisis as a part of a global crisis and I wish for the best. For me, the last 5 years are really creative and efficient and I think this is a cause of hard work in combination with the fact that I am very consistent on the music I create and the music I play. I do not follow every music flow and this is something that people like and support.
  7. The most beautiful woman is :
    My woman!
  8. You are one of the few Greek house music producers known internationally :what’s the reason why there are not a lot of greek producers in the music scene ?
    Electronic music is still an infant in Greece. I am one of the lucky ones who got involved with it very soon. For the last 5-6 years many new house producers have appeared and I am sure some of them will be known soon. After all, Ilias Tzikas, Dousk, G. Pal, Alex Dimou, Dj Angelo, Thodoris Triantafyllou, H@K, Cj Jeff, Chris Deepak, Mihalis Safras are some of the greek names who live in Greece, but with a strong international presence. You see, we are not so few compared to our population..:-)
  9. What do you have in the pipeline ?
    I have multiple projects running, originals and remixes. One of my priorities this year is to build my profile abroad.
  10. If you would win a one year trip where would you go ?
    Wherever I will be able to find beautiful beaches, nice food and two good speakers!

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