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  1. Isaac: is there any particular reason why you choose the name TATSU to be represented as Artist?
    Well am a lover of Japanese culture. On my arms and back I have many tattoos to prove it and I am also a good sushi cook.Tatsu in Japanese means Dragon and is the only major source of Japanese mythology that is not on my skin , also Tatsu is a DC comics character that I love.
  2. Describe in few words Tatstu as dj:
    After many years as a producer and dj with my real name doing tech-house dj I always consider myself as very versatile and that was accentuated when I started as a resident in the club I love most, luckily this place was in my home city. Garito Café , it is in this club where I discovered my Deep soul-disco- funk side , so I decided to create a Tatsu . To set each thing in its place . Isaac Indart as a tech-house DJ and Tatsu as a Deep-Soul Funk Disco producer DJ.
  3. & Tatsu as producer:
    Similar to my previous point but adding to that, I took 5 years playing at Purobeach here in Mallorca that is predominant in Deep House for their compilations, so for me, it’s very important to be a part of not only realising music on major labels like you, but also appear in these compilations, sometimes compiling them and sometimes as an artist with my productions.
  4. Do you think that the music scene in Spain and in particular in your city in the last 10 years became better than before?
    The past 10 years have been very hard both in my city and in Spain , the economic crisis has finished with hundreds of clubs and with them the DJ’s who worked in them. When we recovered slightly from this situation, a lot of  DJs began to appear everywhere. After buying a computer and a few clicks they suddenly became DJ’s. The truth is I don't care about the format anyone uses to DJ, as all good artists know, it is about the musical selection, psychology and technique that will always make a difference and impact. The problem was that there was a brutal fall of the DJ fees which broke the market and this continues even today. But i have to say, that in the last two years the scene has improved , there  are many more parties and more open clubs all year round.
  5. What inspires you to produce?
    I work with a group of people who are very talented in SUM which is the company that handles not only Malo Records, my label with Sebastián Ramis but it took two more labels Puro Music and Sub_Urban, as I said in SUM there are very talented people like Guri, Borjaar, Gaol, Campaner and the vocalist Eider who are young producers who always give you a dose of energy or a good review to improve your tracks, they inspire me soo much .. Internationally, my inspiration comes from artists like Kyodai, Attjazz, Dachshund and Andre Loderman. These are truly the people who most inspire me and give me good ideas with the style they have, and what they do with their own sound in every production impresses me more than their previous production. (Although I feel that for me to sound the same I have a lot to learn!)
  6. The definition of Ibiza for you:
    Ibiza is and will be the party island , more or less exploited and destroyed but always will be , my full support for of Ibiza resident DJ’s have always been those who have taken the island ahead and are unfortunately in the background.
  7. How is your tipical day:
    A typical day is wake up , eat breakfast do about 4 or 5 hours of study, eat something and afternoon go to play at Purobeach. In the night go to the gym to practice my favorite sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which I teach from a few years ago. I come home very tired and after I have dinner and watch some tv-shows and go to sleep.
  8. You own a recordlabel when did you create it and why?
    Well, Malo records was created 12 years ago. We were at that time releasing only on vinyl and then we moved to digital sales and is was Sebas Ramis and my idea that as an underground label we wanted to have a label for our own productions and also for emerging artists from here on the island which come in all kinds of music we liked, Deep, Tech-House and Techno. In fact, we have released tracks for people like Pig & Dan, Frink, Tato, Javi Bora and Mehloman all which are now producers who work globally releasing on the world’s best labels.
  9. What do you have in your pipeline?
    This year, Sebas Ramis and I are preparing an album of remixes of the 10 best-selling songs on Malo Records , among them are the producers I mentioned earlier. I also have outstanding releases on labels like Plastic People , Silence in Metropolis with mixes of Kyoday and Angel Mora a new Ep with Indeeependent with Angel Mora. Also an EP that just came out with Greenhouse Records, all that as Tatsu. As Isaac Indart, I have projects with 12 year Privilege resident Cesar Del Rio on Infamous Recordings and Stick Recordings a labels that are from here from the island and are very potent at international level in Tech-House & Techno market, also i have a very important project for me with a good international artist Dubman F. from Nervous Recordings.
  10. What are your plans for the summer?
    Summer has been here a few months already !!! I am working (As I mentioned) as resident at Purobeach and Puro Hotel almost every day , I have also been resident at Garito Cafe for 11 years this year so feel a very loved DJ here on my island, I work with many promoters here and I work a lot in both the Summer and Winter seasons.

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