10 questions for SERGIO D ANGELO

10q sergio

  1. SERGIO: you start your carreer as producer longtime ago : which have been your most successful ones?
    I’m So In Love With You” Feat. Solomon Burke is my top one. Getting to know Solomon was the greatest thrill of my life , the giant of music Soul and not only the one who inspired the Rolling Stones , when they asked me to make a record with him I had tears in my eyes .

  2. You have remixed various artists too : which one has been the most important for you?
    Kelly Rowland is one of the most important Artists I had the chance to work with

  3. As Dj you have been working in many famous clubs of Italy and Europe :where did u find the best crowd?
    El Divino (Ibiza), Acqua (Basel) during the Baserworld event , Platinium Club in Warsaw, The Club in Milan and Mama’s Club in Soverato are just a few to mention.

  4. How would you describe your dj music profile ?
    My long career has been influenced by many musical genres but those that have prevailed are the Afro, Funk and Soul , I love to play music House ,the important thing is to create the right feeling with the guys who come to dance , they already know I will not disappoint them .

  5. Can you tell us more about your release on Purple Music and your collaboration with Andrea Love?
    I started working with Andrea Love in 2008 , we shared immediately a special feeling , we both love soul music and share the passion for reading of the Bible , so after the third album together we decided to thank God a " Song Of Thanks" was born.

  6. In your opinion: what is the most exciting change in the music industry of the last 10 years and the worst one?
    The most exciting change was certainly the fact that thanks to the internet we had the opportunity to contact also great artists , collaborate and experiment with them , wander in search of music in a much broader than in the past with a simple click .The worst is the great crisis of the recording industry due to the massive growth of illegal downloading .

  7. How are you spending your summer?
    I'm traveling all over Italy and abroad for my DJ sets , but also spending a lot of time in the recording studio to prepare new tracks. In my time off I like spending time with sports of different nature.

  8. your secret dream is…
    My secret dream? To be who I am....

  9. The best thing in life
    Be a Faithful person and believe in God

  10. what do you have in your pipeline ?
    I'm currently working on a few new tracks with my longtime friend Aldo Bergamasco .A new song we have done in collaboration with the Spanish OtherSoul will be availabkle soon featuring the beautiful voice of the Swiss Artist and singer Pierre Piccarde . Jamie really liked our new song and it will be published by Purple Music.

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