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  1. ALEX we have just released « LOVE RESPECT» your new production along with our friend and artist DR FEELX who unexpected passed away(R.I.P) how is this project born ?
    The idea of « LOVE RESPECT» has been taken from same vocals that Felix and I didn’t use for another project, a pretty old school track ,so i thought to use them on the new music project  to see the effect and Felix loved it as soon as he heard it he added a refrain text and proposed it to Purple Music
  2. Did you collaborate a lot with Dr Feelx ?what can u tell us about him?How will u remember him ?
    We start our collaboration in 2014 ,he liked my productions and i liked his voice, perfect for my music genre :we have been on the same wavelenght ,not only to work together but also we had a lot of character in common. Of Feelix I will always remember his availability not only to me but also to all those who he knew :he was like a volcano:we had not finished track that I received his phone call with a new idea that he would soon realize. If I had any doubts he was saying no worries "you are a master & you will definitely develop the production”. We have done 9 productions and some of them have still to be released  We wanted to present this club house project we were working on for about two years, and just the day before he passed away, he told me that he had taken some contacts for summer 2017 in Ibiza, and he would have to call me after the weekend to talk about it and confirm everything
  3. You were born as a DJ or as a producer? Tell us something about yourself.
    I was born as a musician 1990 it took over the passion of the DJ, then after 7 years I go back to the old musician origins and approach to the world of production continuing to djing.
  4. What are the best House clubs in your region?
    Here in Tuscany we do not have many clubs for house music, the only one that comes to my mind is the Tenax in Florence, but up to 8-10 years ago we had many more', to mention one where I played for some time “the Fitzcarraldo S. Giovanni Valdarno,” or another one where I live was the Kama Kama, and going back in time also “La Cicala”
  5. What are your future plans ?
    My future plans are to continue to make music more on the house scene, I have several productions in the pipeline, things that could be suitable for Purple Music, but at the moment I cannot say more
  6. Do you play any instruments ?
    Yes as I told you I was born as musician, my instrument is the keyboard (synth).... I like especially the analogue, I’ m always looking for the old synths used in the 80's, in my studio you can find the historians Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Akai,
  7. LOVE IS…
    Love is born from an idea of Dr Feelx he wanted to do a song in the style of "Nerio's Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy - Sunshine & Happiness" and has as a reference the end sounds 70s early 80s, in my personal taste top club music time and not only  It 'was taken as the soundtrack of the movie "Teen star academy" directed by Cristian Scardigno and written by Francesco Malavenda with John Savage Blanca Blanco & Dr Feelx who plays the music teacher, filmed in Cannes coming out soon
  8. Your hobbyes?
    My hobbyes are to train in the Gym with weights and go swimming
  9. The most important thing in life is?
    Believing in what i do
  10. What is your favourite social and why ?
    It’ s facebook e' i think it’s hem ost complete to communicate with people for business and not only

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