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  1. Amrick :we met you for the first time long time ago probably in Miami , you are one of the most powerful & distinctive vocalist as well as songwriter Of the house music scene : which artists influenced your music carreer ?
    Wow! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments! Its been a long hard battle trying to prove myself in the music industry and especially House music as they really love their vocalists! So if you're not good they'll let you know! LOL! Initially my love affair with the artists who influenced my music began with the early 90s Italian House sound that was big all over the world. I have always loved disco but was too young I was born in the 70s! However, in the mid 80s I fell in love with Chaka Khan, Aretha, Luther, Patti etc. But then into House especially the italio house sound of the early 90s where the germans and belgiums were also doing their thing that really got me excited! I absolutely fell in love with the powerful soulful passionate vocals of the ladies who would influence me. So Black Box, Snap, C&C music factory I realised were my favourite disco divas sampled! I still along with Chaka Khan worship these women..Martha Wash, Loleatta Holloway & Jocelyn Brown. I wanted to be able to sound powerful that I could command an audience on the dancefloor with my vocal abilities. In the early 2000's I was introduced to the more modern House sounds filtered disco soulful vocals. I was then lucky enough to be mentored by the legendary artist my soul sista Lisa Millett! She whipped my ass to make me work hard through blood sweat and tears to ensure I was good enough to get on stage with anybody and hold my own. My favourite labels to this day from the very start are Defected, Subliminal, MOS however PURPLE MUSIC has always been in my heart! I remember 2003/2004 when I first met you Manuela and Jamie Lewis in Miami WMC I said it was my dream to have a release on Purple and in 2017 my dream came true! Those years were huge influences on me because I discovered other amazing House soul vocalists along with Lisa Millett there was Michelle Weeks, Barbara Tucker, George Porgie, Michelle Sellars, Dawn Tallman, DAryl D'bonneau, Dajae, Ultra Nate, Ce Ce Peniston etc. And the beauty of House music is that over in Miami all these amazing artists took me under their wing and gave me support and advice and it was almost like being at House music diva training school haha! They all were so amazing even to this day! I felt part of a community. But also what was amazing is that Jamie and yourself have always been lovely to me and you've done a fantastic job with Purple and the brand. I must also say the DJ's and producers also influenced me and I'm lucky to have them as friends now! Todd Terry, Victor Simonelli, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles RIP, Tony Humphries, Larry Levan, Paradise Garage, West End Records, Mel Cheren, Roger Sanchez, Freemasons, Steve Mac and so many more.

  2. what music genre can “fit”better with your voice?
    My very first musical output was the traditional soulful vocal house sound that was big in the early 2000s. Obviously with Lisa Millett I learnt to appreciate real soulful vocals. I personally always loved my big belting soul divas! Loleatta, Martha, Jocelyn, Chaka...but I learnt to appreciate the beauty in the vocal stylings of other House vocalists. Also as I've been a clubber and raver since the early 90s dance music/house music is who I am. So I like to delve into different genres so I have recorded and released soulful house tracks as well as pumping diva style belting tracks to more tech house productions to disco house to even touching EDM! But my heart will always belong to the more Disco House genre. Its where the melodies are strong, and you can sing catchy hooks and singalong with the songs. but also disco has that uplifting happiness about it but tinged with a slight melancholy and takes you on an emotional journey and moves your spirit. However, in a live setting I can sing to almost any style of House as long as its got a groove and a funky bassline!

  3. With big pleasure we welcome you on board of the Purple Music Family with a production you did together What can you both tell us about this project?
    Thank you so much for welcoming us into this amazing family!! I have all Purple Music albums! This is an amazing story of how me and Vasily got together! As I am also a songwriter/Topline writer I always have demo songs lying around and will send them onto DJ's and producers from time to time. However, Vasily got in contact and sent me an acapella clip and asked if it was me! And I recognised my voice and song and told him it was and wondered how he'd got it? He said a mutual friend had passed it onto him 2 months previous and he didn't know if it was me! Then he asked if we could collaborate as he liked that vocal. I said sure and it was amazing that shortly after he told me the best news that my favourite label Purple Music had signed it for release! I didn't believe him at first! haha! I love how House music has connected Switzerland and Russia and UK in this release!

  4. this is not the first project you release together isn’t it? How start your collaboration ?
    No, this is the first time we worked together. We were aware of each other and each others work and have tried projects before, but this is the first time fully collaborating.

  5. when did u take your last vacation and where?
    I am lucky enough to be a recording artist and live singer so I get booked to perform at amazing clubs and events around the UK and Europe. Its been a while since I did Miami as that is my absolute no.1 holiday spot during Miami WMC. But when I get booked to perform in Europe its also a little holiday as I do enjoy it. Last few years I've performed from the snowy mountains of the French Alps to Gran Canaria to Ibiza to Slovenia to Copenhagen to Amsterdam to Dubai etc! However, for vacation I do love Ibiza! Its only 2 hours flight from UK and I get to hang out and party with my friends at Pacha (I've had releases on Pacha Recordings), my friends from USA such as Barbara Tucker and Todd Terry and also the UK House guys such as Simon Dunmore, Copyright, Shapeshifters Max and Simon, Roger Sanchez and so many more! I love the beaches in Ibiza I go to different beaches each day! then go clubbing at night Space, Pacha, Bora Bora, Ocean Beach, Playa D'en Bossa etc. I've had crazy experiences also with Barbara Tucker pulling me on stage to sing with her at Glitterbox party! I've bumped into Mousse T and Tom Novy on Calla Bassa beach! so Ibiza is full of fun and surprises!

  6. is nightlife as dj and as singer performing live still beautiful as it was some years ago?
    It has its ups and downs. Obviously the new generation aren't as experienced or aware of how awesome live house vocalists are when they're doing their thing! So whilst its not as huge as it was before, I believe it will come round again. However, I do enjoy the challenge of surprising people when I'm on stage or jamming with the DJ. Because a lot of your average clubber isn't aware of the whole amazing vibe a live vocalist can bring to the club vibe. Luckily I've always had compliments on my performances so I shall continue striving to be the best I can be! The House sound The Club The stage is where I come alive! Really hope to perform in Switzerland courtesy of Purple music in the future.

  7. where did u have the best party ever and(if) the worst crowd?
    I'm happy to say I've had many many great parties I've performed at! From singing to 20,000 people at London Pride to 20,000 people at Maspalomas PRide in Gran Canaria to singing at Barbara Tucker's 'Let the singer be heard' parties for 6 years in a row at Miami WMC, to clubs and events in UK and Europe. But I suppose for me a personal one was singing at Barbara's parties in Miami because i was surrounded by those House music vocalists and DJ's who influenced me. Whose music I had been buying for many years. So to have them all acknowledge me as one of them was truly awesome! I love doing Pride festivals as everyone's always up for a good time! The worst crowd for me was a few years ago at an Indian/Asian corporate function near London Bridge at a posh hotel. Unfortunately, my Indian community still hasn't succumbed to the beauty of House music. A lot of asians tend to stay safe by sticking to bollywood music or RnB or Hip hop.

  8. Amrick how much time do you dedicate to your look & outfit?
    Baby...I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!! LOL! I am from an era where I experienced seeing live Madonna, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan and also seeing on TV Prince, George Michael, Janet Jackson, etc. And I feel its important to make an effort to look unique and individual identity. I feel proud to be the only British Asian Sikh (probably the only one in the world!) who wears a turban and sings House music belting it out like a soul disco diva! I love fashion but I believe its about knowing what works for you. I mix it up from underground clubbing gear to gothic jackets to feathers and chains! Maybe when Purple music book/invite me to perform at some of their parties/events I'll be able to show you and give you the full Amrick experience!

  9. Amrick what can u tell us about BBC the Voice experience
    The Voice was something I wanted to see where I fit in with today's vocalists. I was just happy that I beat 50,000 entrants to make the Top 150 finalists and the final selection to make it to the TV audition stage. Kylie Minogue loved my voice and my image! Tom Jones said he could tell I was an established singer as I had a powerful technique. Will.I.Am was an A**hole! very dismissive of me even though he owes most of his solo career to House music! The Voice kind of put me on the UK public media scene so since then I've filmed for various TV shows and also been the face of a multi million pound supermarket brand campaign! I've got other TV stuff coming up so its opened up other doors for me.

  10. what do you have in the pipeline for the summer?
    Along with my TV stuff I've got various other House tunes being released. I'm working on the follow up to Body Rhythm with Heartsaver as its hit No.5 in the Traxsource Top 100 House chart!!! I have various Pride festivals to perform at and some special events later in the year I cannot discuss yet. I'm hoping I can jam with some of the Dj's and maybe perform some live tracks for Purple Music at their monthly parties. I've been a huge fan since day one!!!

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