10 questions for HEARTSAVER

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  1. How did you choose your nickname ?
    I'm glad to say hello to Purple Music Family , happy to be a part of your great team ! Yes, my nickname "heart saver" was chosen because in this project I would like to concentrate the attention of my listeners to the music sounds & vibes , that help our hearts beating faster . This is disco , soulful and deep house sound ,I like it most! 
    Well ,"heart saver " is my second project, I'm playing house music as a Dj and also make production.

  2. With big pleasure we welcome you on board of the Purple Music Family with a production you did together BODY RHYTHM with Amrick Channa What can you both tell us about this project?
    "Body rhythm " is a result of our long-termed friendship on Facebook with Amrick(haha) and the strong will to make something special with him. But , to tell the truth , it was made by chance ! Yes ! I made some nice deep- disco demo and tried to fix some vocal loops with it and I found his nice funky vocals ! I didn't remember where I got it and who sent it to me ! Then a friend of mine confirmed that It was made by Amrick. I was really surprised and happy, because I know his previous projects with my colleagues and we are friends on Facebook of cause (haha)).

  3. This is the first project you release together isn’t it?

  4. How start your collaboration ?
    So this is our first collaboration with Amrick, that began with the pleasant surprise for us and I'm sure we can repeat our really good start soon!

  5. When did u take your last vacation and where?
    It was my girlfriend's birthday about a month ago , we spent a really good time in the south of France. Wonderful warm & lovely atmosphere, friendly people and relax . And good news about our climbing on top 10 Traxsource! It was amazing !

  6. Are you both dj & producer ?
    For me Dj- ing and music production is a hobby. I'm sure that I can't live without it ! It helps me in my main job and sometimes I earn some money on it .

  7. Is nightlife as dj still beautiful as it was some years ago?
    As for the nightlife in Russia now , it's improving , commercial house music left clubs for small comfortable resto- bars, underground music is becoming more popular . Some years ago I could hardly expect Space club residence to be opened in Moscow ! As for situation in Europe , I think it's a little bit different . But clubs and bars with house music are still very popular , commercial good quality music is also trending .

  8. Where did u have the best party ever ?
    I had many nice and unforgettable parties but hope that the best ones will be in the future ).

  9. And(if) the worst crowd?
    I' m happy because I really can't remember my the worst crowd or gig . Of course, sometimes people are not satisfied with the performance or atmosphere. It depends on many things . I personally try to be ready for different situations and prepare for each performance and gig. The purpose of this is to give people what they want and show them something new every time.

  10. What do you have in the pipeline for the summer?
    As I mentioned before , we are preparing something new and tasty with Amrick and other talented vocalists and musicians , I'm expecting for some promising releases to be released with my remixes inside very soon. And of course I'll try to do my best to live up to Purple Music Family trust and prepare something special for you !

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