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The Kaufleuten Club is both a big gastronomy as well as an entertainment business in the heart of Zurich-City. In the theater (performance hall) a variety of activities are taking place. Every night at 11 pm the performance hall opens its doors for dance enthusiasts. These parties are preceded by a wide range of cultural events such as dance-, worldmusic-, pop- as well as classical concerts. Apart from that the hall is being used to stage comedy-, dance- and theatre productions and fashion shows.

The Kaufleuten Club Zurich is probably the most famous dance club in Switzerland. A British fashion magazine even chose the club to rank among the top ten locations in Europe. When in 1992 Freddy Müller took a lease on the Kaufleuten, which at that time was considered to be an old-fashioned and uninspired place, the whole area was a completely deserted neighborhood. Following the example of the Kaufleuten a variety of new clubs and bars have come into being which helped the area to become a veritable entertainment district. The credo of the club’s interior design is soft colors, agreeable light, lots of curtains, colorfully mixed furniture. The seeming inconsistency of style cannot be conceived of but instead the guests find themselves surrounded by an original and inspiring “landscape”. Numerous objects and pieces of furniture are handpicked from markets from around the globe. The entertainment-program of the club tries to be consistent with the philosophy of the Kaufleuten that sets great store on balance.

Besides the club parties, each year 200 cultural events are taking place at the Kaufleuten. The business is organized as a for-profit general partnership (six partners) and it does not receive any subsidies or contributions.

Apart from the Club the Kaufleuten Restaurants consists of a Restaurant, a Bar and the Hof Restaurant: The Restaurant serves its meals seven days a week – on Friday and Saturday night it stays open until 2am. Offering international dishes such as sushi, chicken curry as well as the famous Wiener schnitzel the menu satisfies a great variety of tastes.

The Hof – a good-quality Restaurant with excellent cuisine and a selected cocktail bar – invites for a peaceful rest with its style full and unique atmosphere. It surely is the ideal spot for an after work aperitif, a dinner or a late-night cocktail.

The Pelikanbar is a popular favourite haunt for many business people from the area during the day. At night it’s a trendy meeting point for party people who amuse themselves in the club afterwards.

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