10 questions for JUAN DI LAGO and ALBERTO GABILAN


1-You recently released a duo production for us : how did you came to this production idea ?
We was trying to come back to the original Beach-House sound. We was looking something fresh with musicality, but remembering the summer hits in the past like: Agua y Amor, Cada Vez que te Veo… We use the spanish vocals , because is our original language. We are very happy with the result.

2-you are two well known  djs, in which clubs can we find you ?
Alberto : I usually play in differents clubs in bilbao, Malaga, Zaragoza, Burgos… all around Spain. In clubs like Café del Mar, Conjunto Vacio(from 20 years ago), Pacha, Blue Marlin, Distrito9, Congreso, Bataplan, Emporio… Kristal Glam (Bucarest), Winter Conference (Miami)… I never stop.
Juan : I´m in Bataplan Disco (San Sebastian) till 10 years ago (My home), and I move from here to differents places, usually I play in Opium Barcelona, Ibiza, Bilbao…all around Spain and now I’m starting to play out, Europe and Asia.

3-How was your approach as producers ?
Alberto : from 2005 with my first release till now with more than 12 tracks released in difference labels like Vendetta, Universal, Sutil, Recovery, Clippers… I meet Juan , playing together in diferents places and during the years always wanna to produce together.
Juan : To produce is my way of life, I come from the R&B music, when I start, to the House Music after more than 15 years. Is the way I express my feelings. In the studio the time stop for me. And I meet Alberto, playing in his Club in Bilbao, the connection appear at the moment, and we always was speaking about producing together. And the moment was now.

4-What is your goal in your life?
Alberto: I wanna be happy, enjoy with my family, enjoy the people I love and who love me. I wanna enjoy music all my life long. I love the music. Producing or Mixing.
Juan: I’m very happy in my life, I´m dj, musician, producer… My work is my hobby. My family is my life. I just wanna grow up like artist and show my art all around the world. To be Happy (I am), to enjoy the life with my family and my friends.

5-Alberto What are you doing in your free time? Any hobby?
I enjoy with my family. My sons are my life.

6: Juan: how it looks like your summer schedule?
I will be playing every weekend, and taking the sun during the week. All time enjoying!

7:Do you both think that Ibiza is the best „party place of spain“?
Alberto: Is one of the best, but not the only one. There is places like San Sebastián, Zaragoza, Malaga, Barcelona, where the party is really good.
Juan: (The same)

8- what is the most beautiful party you had this year?  
Alberto: The party in This is Kokun in Malaga, The Party in Oasis (Zaragoza) and The Purple Music Party in Bataplan (San Sebastián).
Juan: Are more than one. The Purple Music Party with Jamie Lewis in my city San Sebastian, the 8 years party with my alter-ego 2Lovers  with my friend tristan in Bataplan, the nights in Opium (Barcelona)… I can not say just one.

 9-what do you have in your pipeline?Any other new release after the summer?
 Alberto: Is coming a new tune with Juan Fierro, another one with Iñaki Garcia and is coming after the summer the new one with Juan Di Lago.
Juan: My studio is burning, a lot of new tunes, hope soon in Purple Music.

10-One song that is always in your dj bag/usb stick/leptop: & why?
Alberto: Ultranate - Free . (I want this song in my funeral)
Juan: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Timo Maas extended) 

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