10 questions for BILLIE BROWN

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  1. Billie how would you describe  yourself in 4 words as woman,artist,mother & citizen of the world?
    This was a hard one, so I asked my FB Family and friends.  I decided to go with. Creative, Soulful, Ambitious,  Unforgettable (Gangsta Mother) 
  2. What made you decide to became a singer ?
    I never decided, I just followed my heart and soul 
  3. You came from New York to Switzerland a few years ago: are you missing the big apple life?
    Of course.  The free-spirited hustle and grind are what I miss the most.  
  4. During the 90’s we heard your successful songs produced by the swiss Oliver Stumm „Nobody Business“& »Take me higher » Released aka H20 Ft Billie on Liquid groove : what was the most amazing experince at that time for you?
    It's Hard to pinpoint one specific thing.  I just remember the love, and the good times I had performing all over the world, and the wonderful people which I had the privilege of meeting.  Some of whom are still good friends today.       
  5. You collaborated over 10 ears ago with Purple Music and now your magic voice is back on a new production By Nikos Diamantopoulos presented by J Lewis : what can you say about this cover version of « i wish i didn’t miss you » that is getting a lots of great feedbacks worldwide?
    I am not big on covers.  However, when Jamie presented the track to me, I thought immediately how well done the music for this cover was.  With all due respect to the Fabulous Angie Stone, it took me a minute.  However, as a musician, I now realize that when an artist does a cover of another's song, they are actually providing sometimes a much-needed income for original songwriters and musicians. It's a constant battle to earn a living with music.   In addition, to the forever changing music industry, which provides basically no real security, every little bit is a blessing. With all that being said, I am proud to have been apart of this project.  
  6. what are you doing in your free time?
    At the moment, I do live gigs with my band and other bands as a featured singer.   love performing with deejays, mc-ing, learning to produce my own tracks on logic, I am also in the process of starting my own lil business with a good friend, eating, watching movies, and enjoying life.
  7. where can we see you next live performing ?
    I have a few private engagements, however, I believe I will be performing with Jamie in May..
  8. You and the Lord….
    Yes, I love the Lord...
  9. Is there an important project you have not released  in your life yet ?
    Yes, many.  
  10. If you would win 2 millions dollars what would you do?
    Try hard not to give all of it away in gifts to those I love.  

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